How to Get Water in Subnautica: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to the World of Subnautica

Subnautica is a widely popular adventure survival game that challenges players to survive in an underwater world filled with dangers and mysteries. As a survivor, one of your primary needs is water. But where do you get water in Subnautica? In this article, we will take you on a step-by-step journey to explore the best ways to get water in Subnautica. Read on to discover everything you need to know about getting water in Subnautica.

The Importance of Water in Subnautica

Water is an essential resource in Subnautica that you will need to stay alive. Without water, your character’s health will deteriorate, and you will soon find yourself in a dire situation. In Subnautica, there are two types of water: saltwater and filtered water. Saltwater is abundant in the ocean, but you cannot drink it. Filtered water, on the other hand, is safe to drink and is the primary source of hydration in the game.

How to Get Filtered Water

To get filtered water, you will need to collect water samples and purify them using a filtration machine. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get filtered water in Subnautica:

Step 1: Collect Water Samples

Collect water samples by using a survival knife to break open coral tubes, coral shells, and other underwater flora. You can also collect water samples by using a scanner to scan for water sources.

Step 2: Build a Filtration Machine

To build a filtration machine, you will need to collect the following resources:

Resource Quantity
Titanium 2
Copper 1
Table Coral Sample 1
Silver Ore 1

Once you have collected these resources, go to your habitat builder and select the filtration machine from the menu.

Step 3: Purify the Water Samples

Once you have built the filtration machine, you can now purify your water samples. Place the water samples in the filtration machine and wait for them to be purified. The filtration machine can hold up to four water samples at a time.

Step 4: Collect the Filtered Water

After the water samples have been purified, collect the filtered water by picking up the water bottles from the filtration machine. Each water bottle contains 50 units of filtered water.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Getting Water in Subnautica


There are several advantages to getting water in Subnautica. Firstly, it is an essential resource that you need to stay alive. Secondly, it is relatively easy to collect the resources needed to build a filtration machine. Thirdly, filtered water provides a significant amount of hydration compared to other food sources in the game.


While there are advantages to getting water in Subnautica, there are also disadvantages. Firstly, collecting water samples can be time-consuming and may put you in danger from hostile creatures. Secondly, building a filtration machine requires specific resources that may not be readily available in the early stages of the game. Thirdly, your inventory space may be limited, which can make it difficult to carry enough water bottles with you.


Q: Can I drink saltwater in Subnautica?

A: No, drinking saltwater will harm your character’s health and has no hydrating properties.

Q: How do I refill my water bottles?

A: You can refill your water bottles by placing them in a water source and using a repair tool to refill them.

Q: How long does it take to purify water samples in the filtration machine?

A: It takes approximately 30 seconds to purify one water sample in the filtration machine.

Q: How do I obtain a survival knife in Subnautica?

A: You can obtain a survival knife by using the fabricator in your life pod.

Q: Can I build more than one filtration machine in Subnautica?

A: Yes, you can build as many filtration machines as you need.

Q: Can I use a habitat builder to build a filtration machine?

A: Yes, you can use a habitat builder to build a filtration machine.

Q: Does filtered water expire in Subnautica?

A: No, filtered water does not expire in Subnautica.


Getting water in Subnautica is a necessary and straightforward process that requires collecting water samples and purifying them in a filtration machine. While there are advantages and disadvantages to getting water in Subnautica, it remains an essential resource that you need to stay alive. With this guide, you can stay hydrated and survive in the underwater world of Subnautica.

Remember, always be mindful of your character’s hydration levels and plan accordingly. The ocean is a vast and dangerous place, and you never know what dangers lurk beneath the surface. Stay safe, and happy gaming!


The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only. The authors of this article do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information presented herein. The authors are not responsible for any consequences that may arise from the use of the information in this article. Always exercise caution and consult with game guides and manuals before taking any actions in Subnautica.

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