How Much Water Does Lavender Need? An In-Depth Look!

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Are you a gardening enthusiast planning to add lavender to your collection? Or are you a lavender farmer who wants to maximize yield while minimizing water usage? Either way, you have come to the right place!

Lavender is a multifaceted plant that is aesthetically pleasing, aromatic, and has medicinal properties. But how much water does lavender really need? Well, that’s what this article is all about!


Lavender is a drought-tolerant plant. Its natural habitat is hot and dry regions of the Mediterranean, where rainfall is scarce. With that being said, every plant requires water to survive and thrive. Water is essential for the growth, development, and survival of lavender. But how much water does lavender need?

The water requirements for lavender vary depending on several factors, including the climate, soil type, plant age, and growth stage. The amount of water the plant receives also affects the yield, quality of the flowers, and oil content.

In this article, we will explore the water requirements for lavender, including the advantages and disadvantages of watering it under different conditions. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about watering lavender and provide you with a table that lists the different watering requirements for lavender based on soil type and temperature.

What is Lavender?

Lavender, scientifically known as Lavandula spp., is a herbaceous perennial plant that belongs to the mint family. It is native to the Mediterranean region and is widely cultivated worldwide for its fragrance, essential oil, and ornamental purposes.

The plant produces long spikes of small, fragrant, purple, blue, or pink flowers that bloom in late spring to early summer.

The Water Requirements for Lavender

The water requirements for lavender depend on the growth stage of the plant, the climate, soil type, and other factors. Here is a breakdown of the water requirements for lavender during its different growth stages:

Advantages of Watering Lavender

Watering lavender has several benefits, including:

Disadvantages of Watering Lavender

While watering lavender is essential, overwatering it can be detrimental to the plant. Here are some disadvantages of watering lavender:

Lavender Watering Table

Soil Type Dry Bulb Temperature (℉) Water Requirement Frequency
Sandy 70-80 0.75-1 inch per week Once a week
Loam 70-80 0.5-0.75 inch per week Once every 10 days
Clay 70-80 0.25-0.50 inch per week Once every 14 days


1. Can I water lavender every day?

No, overwatering lavender can lead to root rot and other diseases. Watering once a week is usually sufficient for most soil types.

2. How often should I water lavender in sandy soil?

In sandy soil, lavender should be watered once a week with 0.75-1 inch of water.

3. Can lavender survive without water?

No, like all plants, lavender requires water to survive. However, it is a drought-tolerant plant and can survive in hot and dry conditions with minimal water.

4. Should I water lavender in the evening?

No, watering in the evening can increase the chances of fungal diseases. It is best to water lavender during the early morning hours.

5. Can lavender be watered from overhead?

No, overhead watering can cause water to collect in the foliage and flowers, leading to disease. It is best to water lavender at the base of the plant.

6. What happens if I overwater my lavender?

Overwatering lavender can cause root rot, yellowing of the leaves, and wilting.

7. Should I water newly planted lavender?

Yes, newly planted lavender should be watered regularly until it establishes roots and starts to grow.

8. How do I know when to water my lavender?

You can check the soil moisture level by inserting your finger into the soil up to 2 inches deep. If it feels dry, it’s time to water.

9. Can I use tap water to water my lavender?

Yes, tap water is acceptable for watering lavender. However, if your tap water is high in minerals, you may want to consider using rainwater or distilled water.

10. Can I fertilize lavender when watering?

Yes, you can add fertilizer to the water when watering lavender. However, be careful not to over-fertilize, as it can lead to poor growth and weak plants.

11. How much water does lavender need during winter?

Lavender requires less water during winter when it is dormant. Watering once every two to three weeks should be sufficient.

12. Can I water lavender with a watering can?

Yes, a watering can is an effective way of watering lavender. Just make sure to water at the base of the plant and avoid getting water on the foliage and flowers.

13. Can I use a sprinkler system to water lavender?

A sprinkler system can be used to water lavender, but it is not recommended as it can lead to fungal diseases and water wastage.


In conclusion, watering lavender is essential for its growth, development, and survival. However, overwatering can be detrimental to the plant. It is essential to water lavender according to its water requirements based on the soil type, climate, and growth stage.

We hope this article has answered your questions and provided you with the information you need to water lavender effectively. Remember, a healthy lavender plant means more beautiful blooms and essential oil!

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